Wednesday, February 11, 2009

School of Fine and Applied Art Degree Show, 2008

BA (Hons) Fine Art Degree Show
De Montfort University, June 2008
'And I'll Remember What I Somehow Already Knew' (2008)
(Triple Video Installation, aprox. 15 mins.)

'Same Time Same Place' (2008)

Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, May 2008
Curated by Matthew Everatt.
Presented new work by five emerging artists working in lens-based media, due to graduate from De Montfort University, BA Fine Art. 

'Anna Newbon's video 'And I'll Remember What I Somehow Already Knew' describes a journey that is internal and introspective, the locations and durations connected by a subjective consciousness rather than by geography. She uses video's ability to repeat itself, not to make claims about interability as such but in order to explore the subtle displacements in perception effected by memory, dreams, fantasy and imagination......'

From a press-release by Max Mosscrop (Senior lecturor in Fine Art)

'This is Not Our City' (2008)

Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 2008
Group show in prominent Nottingham gallery, close to city-centre and Nottingham-Trent University. Presenting work involving themes around identity, memory and location - in paint, video, photography, mixed-media and installation. Show publication produced, including a foreword by art historian Dr. Jennie Hawksley. 

This is Not Our City

'In the first instance this show brings together a kaleidoscope of images, both moving and still, sounds and constructed spaces by artists whose words already speak fulsomely for themselves. The purpose of this brief essay, then, is to reflect upon this exhibition project as a whole rather than to review individual and separated works. 
Yet this combination of works immediately resist the attempt to find unitary meaning within its variety, offering instead the possibility of registering consonance rather than effecting a simpler process of 'making sense'. Such a process would fail here in any case, suggesting that the individual pieces through some sort of synecdochal manoeuvre would represent the exhibition project as a whole. The works themselves, in their crops and perspectival obliqueness embrace the fragmentary, the transient, in incomplete. The part here, through clearly a part, is all that there is. And that resistance is announced, at the outset, in the show title'.....

(from the foreword by Dr. Jennie Hawksley) 

Project:on! (2008)

The Fire-Bug, April 2008
Group show; Video artists showing a collection of projection work, single projection screen with DJ sets, curated by Hayley Vann (Driver). 

Lens-Based Projection Show Project (2008)

De Montfort University, Spring 2008,
Fortnightly show held in the School of Fine and Applied Art, presenting the work of various lens-based students in the university. Arranged by myself. 
(image: from 'The Green Line' (2007) approx. 12 mins, single projection. second image: video in progress)

'Unearthed' (2008)

The Fire Bug, Leicester - February, 2008
Group artist video show, using single video projection. 
'The Line is Getting Fainter' (2008)